Museu dels TraginersOver centuries, mule drivers became one of the main revitalizing components of the territory. They made possible the exchange of goods as well as information among country houses, villages or cities, whose inhabitants keep clinging to their immediate environment.

Since the technological development started with the Industrial Revolution, twentieth century felt the gradual replacement of the horse by the horse of steam, as well the muleteer driver was changing into what today people know with the name of a carrier.

The speed, the increase in the load capacity, and the development of concepts around the world of public sanity as well as the increase number of inhabitants in urban areas made muleteers drivers disappear. Nowadays, they still appear in the well-known tradition of Tres Tombs as a cultural legacy.

The Muleteer Museum- Antoni Ros’ Collection explains the evolution of transport of goods or people by using animal energy, and at the same time it shows you the relations among several professions that made possible the development of muleteers’ fact in our region.

The range variety of tools around these professions and the variety of carts, carriages, saddles and adornments make Antoni Ros’Collection a real museum of the arts and applied professions to the world of transport in the Modern Catalonia.

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