What do we offer you?

The Muleteer’s Museum offers you guided tours and activities or workshops for the stage of pre-school education, primary school, as well as high school, professional training, education for adults, special education or leisure education.

Què oferim?The Department of Education of the Muleteer’s Museum wants to answer each group’s necessities, especially school tours discovering, by the hand of a muleteer (an ancient carrier), the evolution of transports, from the primitive sledge to the invention of the wheel, which allows the arrival of the first vehicles; the development of the ancient professions around the person of the muleteer: the carriers, the carrier on the horse’s back, the horseshoes maker and the vet, among others; adornments for work and luxury adornments, as well as a range variety of carts and carriages from all over the world. The visit finishes with the experience of riding by carriage.

Its is for that reason, that each activity tries to promote motivation as well as active participation of the students trying to get playful and pedagogically constructive and inclusive activities.

At the end of the visit around the Museum, the guide tour will ask you for an evaluation of the visit or the workshop in order to get better results, in educational terms, in a very close future.

Pedagogical advice service:

Teachers who are interested in that kind of advice, booking in advance, have the chance to visit the Museum and prepare the visit in order to decide which are the most suitable aspects of the visit to work in class depending on each group’s necessities.