Antoni Ros’sculptures

Escultures-Antoni-Ros-2The last few years of his life, Antoni Ros added to their condition of muleteer, collector and cinematographic producer the most artistic aspect of the sculptural work. His work, which is concentrated in this room but you can also find it all around the Museum, presents a personality that gives its own sense: the sculptor Antoni Ros did not look for an ideal of beauty but he fought to express the sublime power of the feeling that filled him. He did not create to share the pleasure of calmed shapes and grateful colours, but as an honest and vital answer to the necessity he felt in himself.

Escultures Antoni RosVisitors can observe, without a doubt, how the hardness of the metal is combined with the warmth of the skin and the solid footprint of the wood in a cosmogonyc framework impossible to avoid.

Antoni Ros, as a sculptor, is presented as a defender of the childhood memories, without which we lose a way of understanding a kind of crafts, a kind of relationships, a kind of life, after all. And it is well-known that who loses the origin loses the identity.