Due to muleteers could do their job there had to be joined several crafts to get some manufactured products. There are three different areas or complementary surroundings:

Around carriages we can focus on areas like the Cartwright works or the ironworks, which they are fundamental in the construction of carts and carriages, as in the esparto worker used for the modification of the countryside carriage.

In the surroundings of the animals there are important crafts like the horseshoes maker, the vet, the adornments maker and the groom, useful for the cure of the animals as well for the manufacturing of the basic adornments.

In the surroundings of the transport, there are several crafts referred to the specific works of the muleteers: the carrier on the horse’s back, who transport goods on the horse’s back through bridle paths, the woodman, the barrel maker, who mainly in Penedes and Anoia areas made possible the transport of wine.

The crafts area occupies the ground floor of the Museum, assembling these eleven crafts in two different thematic areas dedicated, respectively, to show the evolution of transport from the beginning of the human race to the invention of the wheel, and to explain the evolution of the communication lines of the country along the royal paths, where Igualada is located.

Crafts Crafts Crafts
Crafts Crafts Crafts