Racó del Traginer Restaurant

Where the Muleteer Museum- Antoni Ros’Collection is located, there is also a restaurant, which it is called Racó del Traginer, with an interesting gastronomic proposal. It is a place that preserves the beauty of a country house that has been adapted to our days.

Its home cooking with a touch of fusion and its specialties of grilled meat make the Restaurant be an ideal restaurant for everybody with a large menu of specialties, as well as wines and caves (Catalan champagne) of our country.

Dining Room

With a capacity of 90 dining guests, the dining room of Racó del Traginer is a place that preserves the rustic atmosphere of the building, made with walls and vaulted ceiling of stone and an accurate decoration with specific details around the topic of the muleteer world.

The terrace

We are proud to offer you an outside space to enjoy the spring mornings or the summer nights to have dinner or to have a drink.

Restaurant The terrace Restaurant