Saddles and adornments

The area of the saddles and adornments represents the heart of the Museum because it contains the piece that initiated the Antoni Ros Collection: adornments for nine horses made with over 700 jingle bells that were used for harnessing the exact replica of the Diligence that travelled from Barcelona to Igualada (nowadays they are guarded by l’Antic Gremi de Traginers d’Igualada, a local Association).

L’Antic Gremi de Traginers d’Igualada has its representation at the Room of Tres Tombs, where throughout the use of audiovisual material you can see how saddles, different sorts of adornments, reins, collars and some other things used to be use. They all make up the Room of Adornments.

Saddles and adornments Diligence Saddles and adornments