A museum for everybody

One of the main traits that distinguished the nature of Mr. Antoni Ros was the desire of showing more than the desire of owning. The effort of his succeeding was focus on the accomplishment of this desire, making an integrative museum system that adapts The Antoni Ros’ Collection so that any single person, with disability or not, would be able to enjoy it in equal conditions.

They use several multisensory tools, like supporting volumetric mockups that copy the main kinds of displayed carts and carriages on an ergonomic scale. This fact makes easier the knowledge of impairment people that can be completed with the sensory experience of touching the originals. Throughout an integrative strategy of accessibility to the cultural patrimony, the creation of a transversal management model for blind and visual impairment people was included, so that they take measures to concrete some facts like the signature of an agreement of collaboration with ONCE.

The Muleteers Museum-Antoni Ros’ Collection is opened for everybody taking care, specially, of the accessibility for those who have problems of mobility, with the incorporations of a lift, some ramps, volumetric mockups and Braille information for blind people.

Accessibilitat Un museu per a tothom Un museu per a tothom
Un museu per a tothom Un museu per a tothom