Carts and Carriages

Carts and CarriagesIt is named for the transport of people and goods in wagons and carriages pulled by horses, mules or oxen.

The transport of people refers to three different and specific areas: the service with stagecoach, used from the end of XVIII century until the first third of XX century to transport travellers; the taxi service used from around the middle of XIX century until around the middle of XX century to transport the users of the train until their towns and to do metropolitan services; and, finally, private services by private carriages, mainly owned by the rural or industrial middle-class.

Carts and CarriagesFreight transports can be divided into long itinerary services, produced in Catalonia mainly since XVIII century; short itinerary services of regional or metropolitan area reached during XVIII and XIX centuries, and specific services like the fire-fighter one or the funerary. It is worth to mention the farmer world considering that carts represent an essential part on this field from the Middle Ages until the 50’s.

Carts and carriages field is present throughout the Museum, mainly in the first and the second floor, where you can see models that are part of the various thematic areas. The baroque Sicilian cart deserves a special category due to its historical value.