Group Tours

Group Tours

The Muleteers Museum, opened to the public since 2005, embrace a large number of visitors and collectives.

Group tours are available in The Muleteers Museum with guided explanations for an hour approximately in order to get some information about the transport evolution as well as the history of the origins of the muleteer through the topics exposed.

For groups of elderly people the tour could be rather emotional so that they can see some objects of their childhood and youth as well as, for instance, several professions and carriages.

Members of associations for elderly people, social centres, groups of friends on cultural routes and also some institutions come to visit us.

For all these kind of groups we offer the chance to visit the Museum and also to have lunch in the restaurant of the same building, called El Racó del Traginer.

Tours for families and social organizations are also common due to our cultural and gastronomic propose of having the visit and the meal combination.

Non-guided tours

Our visitors go through the front door of the “time machine” of the Cal Merdetes country house, where the Museum is located, and they deep into a travel in time through its three floors feeling the freedom of discover or relive what the muleteers figure in our country represented. The Muleteers Museum guides offer to the visitors a short introduction in order to contextualize the visit and also another explanation is available at the end of the tour in the room dedicated to the sculptural work of Mr. Antoni Ros, muleteer, collector and sculptor.

Guided tours

Visitors go through Cal Merdetes country house with guides support where they will be able to discover: the transport evolution, from the ancient sled to the invention of the wheel; ancient crafts round the muleteer’s world: the carriers, the adornments maker, the horseshoes maker, the vet, etc; several and different luxury and working adornments as well as a huge representation of carts and carriages from all over the world. The tour will be finished in the last room, dedicated to the sculptural work of Antoni Ros, the Museum’s founder, where you can see sculptures crafted with electrodes, soldering and other several materials with an interesting interpretation of the different components.

In addition to the visit

You can watch a short film (20 minutes) about the tradition of “Els Tres Tombs” of Igualada of 1961, when the Igualada Stagecoach was first hooked by a nine-animal throw. Amazing!

Touristic advice service

The Muleteers Museum gives you the chance to be informed or advised about the other spots worth visiting of the region.

Restaurant service with special menu proposals for groups of visitors is available.